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"A white supervisor takes home R53k while a black supervisor gets R17k." - Man is angry.

A large disparity exists in salary between black and white workers in South Africa. Whites have a higher average monthly income. The black worker now receives R53k per month, up from the previous R17k. Anger was expressed by a large number of people. All they want is for the government to do something. A reduction or elimination of racial wage gaps is a major goal of theirs.

"It's true that white individuals in our nation get top dollar. A white supervisor at an unidentified engineering business earned R53,000 per year, according to a payroll document that one of my hacker friends supplied me. He pays R17k to a black manager who is many years older than him. Almost convinced me to reveal their true identities." He was able to get his message through to others via Twitter.

"My old boss said it to a former intern of mine who had just been hired full-time. My boss informed her that her kids could get by on weetbix and water for breakfast without the increase. I have strong resentment for that person even now."

"If you don't start your own prosperous company, you'll never stop complaining. Whites will always put the safety of their community above their personal interests. Black people don't look out for one other, but they expect others to do it anyhow."


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