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Look What South Africans Were Caught Doing to this Zim Truck Driver On the Road /Opinion


Many South Africans are rejoicing over the fact that Zimbabweans permits are not going to be renewed.Zimbabweans were given permits to work and stay in SA in 2017 and this year the Government announced that they will not be renewing the permits .

South Africans are happy because it means that they will finally get back their jobs that Zimbabweans are occupying .Jobs like being waiters,truck driving and other general jobs that font need qualifications.

Some South Africans have even started stopping trucks on the roads and asking the drivers to identify themselves .A video has gone viral on social media showing a Zimbabweans Truck drivers being harshly interrogated by South Africans .You can click on the link above to watch the video .

TThe driver was being asked why he doesn't drive trucks in his home country and that he should return to Zimbabwe and drive trucks there .

This is wrong South Africans cant treat other human like these just because they are working while they dont have jobs .They must take up their concerns with the employers, since they are the ones who hire foreigners .Foreigners dont come to SA and hire themmselves .The companies prefer hiring them and locals must ask themselves why .

This is so sad that Zimbabweans has to go through this kind of treatment just because they are Zimbabweans. It seems this hate is specifically against them because we dont see South Africans treating Nigerians, Somalians and other foreign nationals like this .We hope that you man in the video was not hurt .

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