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Most Men(Boss) Always Ask This From Their Female Applicants Why?? See This WhatsApp Chats

In Africa, and particularly in Ghana, the rate of unemployment is extremely high. As a result, people who are withholding work possibilities are exploiting others in a negative way.

In lieu of this, there is a viral conversation between a lady and her yet to be appointed boss. More people are talking about it, and a large number of individuals are criticizing it. During the conversation, the lady informed the gentleman that she is interested in the position.

Later, the man informed her that she should bring her CV and be prepared to do whatever it takes to get the job. It was accepted by the lady. Will he promise her that she would get the job?

Of course, the gentleman responded affirmatively. The lady then stated that she will take care of it right now... She then stated that she would come over to the house when her husband left for work to participate in the interview with her CV.

A lady was looking for work, and her boss instructed her on how to go about finding one.

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