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Becoming A Nurse Is Easier Than You Think

Nurses play a vital role in the medical field and this includes saving lives. We have seen the significance of this profession especially now as the world is faced by the pandemic. Most of them remained committed and risked their lives in order for others to live. We've decided to put together a simple guide that will give you all the information you need when persuing a career in nursing.

What is it like to be a nurse?

Besides working at hospitals to assist doctors with their day-to-day operations, nurses are also popularly known to work as midwives, in old age homes and assisting during medical procedures. Their responsibilities vary from one position to another - depending on your qualifications and rank. It's safe to say that they are the backbone of the healthcare sector.

How to become a nurse

This is a specialization field and requires you to undergo training before you can be certified as a nurse. After completing your studies you will then have to register with the South African Nursing Council (SANC). It's the governing body that keeps track of everything that is happening within the medical field.

How many years does it take?

Just like any profession, there are different levels of qualifications one might choose from. The more advanced degrees takes much longer compared to the regular ones.

Diploma: The qualification takes 3 years to complete and after that you will be required to work alongside a registered nurse for a certain period of time.

Degree: It's a 4 year university degree that covers everything that has to do with being a nurse. You will be involved in both practical and theoretical work.

Advanced diploma: This is a post-graduate program for people that would like to be in management. You are required to be in possession of a Bachelors degree in nursing and atleast 2 years of experience in the nursing field.

Where to study

For short programs you can enroll with nursing colleges in your area. You can do this by enquiring with them to find out which programs they have and how you can get started. For long programs, enquire with any University that caters for nursing degrees.

We hope this information will go a long way in your journey towards becoming a nurse. For questions, you are free to put them on the comments section below, we'd love to assist you. Remember to join our community and receive notifications when we publish new articles daily. 

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