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There is good news for 350 grant recipients. View story news, SASSA payment dates for June reveal

It appears that all 350 award recipients who reapplied will be paid next month, in June.

Sassa claims that all 350 grant recipients who applied late will be reimbursed next month. Guys, keep in mind that all 350 grant applications must be evaluated before payment can be made. The reason for this is that many people are taking risks. Almost half of those who applied while aware that they were employed were ultimately turned down.

Sassa will not take any chances with this money, which must be distributed to unemployed individuals. If you know you don't qualify for this money because you work or are a UIF member, your application will be denied. Please save time and data if you know you are working or in any other leadership position.

This law also applies to students who receive a government-funded school stipend. Don't squander your time and don't take chances; else, Sassa may tax you for what you have.

If your 350 grant was not paid this month, rest assured that it will be paid the following month. After signing into Sassa and checking your status, you can reapply.

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