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Opinion: there are two things that can get you ahead quicker than hard work

Ms Cayle Sanelisiwe Nomazulu Zulu gave her friends and followers an advice in a form of post, it highlights that at most cases how you look and how much you have plays a role when a person is trying to make advancements in life. Pushing the narrative that some jobs and gigs are handed to certain individuals because of how they look, further more as it is usually believed that some people want to associate themselves with those who got deep pockets than those are are not opulent.

Her advice is that people should either invest on improving their looks or they grind and make money, " if you got money and look cute you can even run for president" it also suggest that she strongly believes that when you are opulent and got the looks you can go after big dreams and maybe stand a chance to achieve them

Do you think money and looks can make the road to success more smoother?


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Cayle Sanelisiwe Nomazulu


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