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Sassa Explains The Different Reasons People Were Rejected For R350 And When People Can Appeal

Many South Africans have been awaiting their R350s from Sassa ever since the grant was extended. The grant was initially supposed to end in April of 2022, but it was extended for the first time ever since it was introduced due to the pandemic that hit the country in 2020. The main purpose of this unemployment grant is to help unemployed individuals who have been struggling to find jobs and have no income at all.

Thousands of unemployed South Africans applied for this grant, and many of them have received it, while others have been denied for various reasons. And because of this, many of the unemployment grant recipients have been complaining that they are unfairly being under client for the R350 unemployment grant by Sassa. And it seems like things have become worse, especially after it was extended and people had to register again, and this time the requirements were different and stricter.

This time, Sassa said the R350 unemployment grant should be received by those who really need it and have no income at all or any financial assistance from anyone. People have since registered for the grant in April, and they have still been waiting to see if they would receive it or not. Sassa delayed payments in April and May and only announced that it would be paying out the money in June.

Many people's statuses have been showing that it was pending, but after a while it was rejected for different reasons. Many people were confused by these different reasons. Sassa then shared on social media what the different reasons of rejection meant.

But some people were clearly not happy with the rejection rate of the R350, because some feel like it was done unfairly and without any proper research to see if an individual really does not qualify for it. People have also been complaining that the appeal option has been removed. Sassa then confirmed that it would be brought back on the 27th of June 2022.

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