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Look at How much FNB employees earn per month

The FNB full First National Bank National is probably the biggest bank found in South Africa.

Have you at any point thought about the amount FNB pays its representatives? In this article we will check out the amount FNB workers acquire each month overall. This is simply assesses and may vary from one spot to another.

These are the pay rates on normal on normal down underneath.

Clerical specialists acquire R7 991 every month.

Call focus delegate acquire R5 651 every month.

Client care agent procure R5 244 every month.

Specialists procure R11 172 every month.

Tellers procure R8 891 every month.

Deals specialist procure R15 541.

However much this is a bank In my Opinion those in client administrations I feel like the compensation is close to nothing and FNB could improve.

Any compensation is better compared to being jobless and not having any cash coming in.

How treat think about the compensation? Is sufficient or not? Remark down underneath.


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