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Want to Kick-start Your Future in business?

Want to Kick-start Your Future in business with a bursary?

If your answer is YES, then this article is for YOU!

As you might have heard or noticed, the unemployment rate in South Africa has climbed to record highs. According to Stats SA the official unemployment rate increased to 34,4% in the second quarter of 2021- the highest since the start of the survey in 2008. The number of discouraged job-seekers increased by 6.3%. Youth aged 15-24 years and 25-34 years recorded the highest unemployment rates of 64,4% and 42,9% respectively. This is a crises. Not only does it compromise the lives of young and capable people but it threatens their future and that of the country at large. Waiting for an employment opportunity is starting to look like a bad idea especially if you have a business idea. By doing your own thing, you could beat two birds with one stone -create employment for yourself and employ others. You could play your part in the fight against poverty and improve the socio-economic status of this country. Now, you must be wondering how?

There are many ways one could become an entrepreneur e.g. by simply selling snacks on the streets. However, if you want to build a bigger, profit-making and sustainable business you will need proper skills. To acquire those skills, you need institutions and people with expertise. The School of Entrepreneurship is one of the places you could get those skills. Through their flexible one year online Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme beginning on 31 January to 11 November 2022, the school can help you turn your idea into an income-generating business. Following the WYSE Framework, their programme includes an Enneagram Assessment at the start to discover your entrepreneur personality type followed by practical training and coaching sessions throughout the year as well as a second year of monthly mentoring sessions in 2023. The school has a comprehensive curriculum covering 26 key areas of entrepreneurship, the knowledge and skills you need to start a successful business even if you are fresh out of school with no business experience.

Recently, the School of Entrepreneurship launched a campaign called 'Kickstart Your Future', and entrants stand a chance to win 1 of 5 bursaries to the Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme. Entries close on 25 October 2021 midnight. If it happens that you do not win, do not worry as the school also offers an early enrollment special with 33% off discount. The offer ends on 31 October 2021. So, do not delay! Kickstart Your Future now! If you are ready for financial freedom join the entrepreneurial revolution.

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