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"This is unfair: see Police Officers salaries in South Africa


In South Africa, the average monthly salary for a police officer is around 18,600 ZAR, which is between $8,550 and $29,600. (highest).

This is how much the average American makes each month, including rent, transportation, and other perks. Police officers get paid in many different ways, depending on their experience, skills, gender, and where they work. In the next section, an in-depth evaluation is given based on a wide range of factors.

Pay for South African police officers, Split:

To figure out what the median is, you only need to use numbers.

Pay Scale Position

Officers in South Africa can make anywhere between 8,550 ZAR and 29,600 ZAR per month (maximum salary)

Average wage per hour

The median monthly pay for a Police Officer is 20,100 ZAR. This means that half of the people who work as Police Officers make less than this amount and the other half make more than this amount. Using the median wage as an example, the value of the median wage is the same as the value of the average wage. You want to be in the group that makes more than the median income shown on this graph.


The 25th and 75th percentiles are the opposite of what the median is, and vice versa. 75% of police officers make more than 12,900 ZAR per month, but 25% make less than that amount. The graph shows that more than half of police officers make less than 26,800 ZAR.

How much do you make each year as a (Police Officer)?

What do your age and years of experience mean for your salary?

The biggest factor in a person's salary is how much experience they have. As you might expect, longer hours mean more money. When we looked at how much police officers get paid based on how long they have been on the job, this is what we found.

A police officer who is just starting out can make up to 9,710 ZAR each month.

Someone with two to five years of experience can make 13,000 ZAR more per month, which is more than a third of a ZAR.

Officers who have been on the job for ten to fifteen years make 22 percent more than those who have been on the job for five or ten years.

Someone with 15–20 years of experience could make 25,500 ZAR per month, which is 9 percent more than someone with 10–15 years of experience.

When everything is said and done, the average income for professionals with over twenty years of experience is now R27,600, which is about R800 more per month than it was before.

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