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Struggling to Find a Job? - Tips on How Get a Job

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It's been a rough period since the pandemic started. The unemployment rate keeps going up. Many people staying at home with nothing to do career wise. Being unemployed is challenging especially when you have a lot of responsibilities.

There are little to no job opportunities hence for you to get a job during this time you need to stand out! This article is meant to help you stand out in oder to get a job fast.

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Yes many companies are not hiring at the moment but at the same time don't sit at home and wait for them to start advertising a job post.

Pick a company of your choice and do research about it. Find out as much information as you can get about the company like when the company started, who is the founder, the different departments of the company, who leads them and etc.

But most importantly find out what the company struggles with, this is the company's weakness. Know their weakness and try to come up with a solution for it, something that will develop this weakness into a strength. Once you have done this, go to their offices or call them or email them but I would prefer that you go there in person.

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When you get there ask to see the manager or the employer, someone in a managerial position. Take them through your findings about their company, this is where you let them know that you know their company's weakness. Employers love it when you know a lot about the company it gives them the idea that you are not just looking for a job but you want to be part of their team because you are interested in their company and you love it. Then tell them the skills that you have that make you the perfect person to filtrate this weakness; employers want to know how your presence in their company will benefit them.

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Don't be taken away and give them too much information on what is needed to be done in order to transform the weakness into a strength because if you do, they now know what to do hence they might as well do it by themselves and not employ you.

So just give them a hint and ask them to put you on probation for a specific period of time, ideally this period should be short so that they can think of it as that they have nothing to lose. Tell them that if this period ends and there is no improvement on developing the weakness into a strength they can cut ties with you.

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This will make the employer see just how brilliant you are and that you are a strategist. Every company needs a strategy every now and then. Even though the company was not looking to hire anyone, if you pulled it off they might start making adjustments to fit you in.

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