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Fired worker refuses to accept that it's over. His now tormenting his ex employer by doing this

The high unemployment rates are a bitter pill to swallow for many people. 

Losing a job in these trying times makes it even worse. 

A Zimbabwean man who was recently fired is feeling the pain of having to wake up every morning without a job. 

The pain is very tormenting to such an extent that he has resorted to threatening his former boss at every turn he gets.  

Trymore Marange appealed to the Harare Civil Court to issue him with a protection order against Pascar Hatiwagone.

He chose to go the legal route as Pascar had had proved too difficult to reason with. 

He claimed Pascar was in the habit of threatening to unleash violence, as well as showering him with obscenities.

Trymore went on to add that Pascar was also in the habit of harassing his clients and they were no longer comfortable with bringing their business to them. 

Magistrate Sharon Mashavire postponed the matter with the consent of both parties.


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