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She recently resigned from her job and for the first time in 9 months, she has peace.

Ever wondered what a toxic work environment really is? Well, a toxic work environment is one wherein dysfunction and drama reign, whether it's the result of a narcissistic boss, vindictive co-workers, absence of order, et cetera. There are so many people who are living their lives facing difficulties due to the types of experiences they have at work. 

One ends up not enjoying and finding joy in the work they do and this is something very depressing at times. This also one of the reasons why some people opt for taking their lives instead of continuing working in these toxic working environments. A lady recently took to social media to share her story as she captioned her post:

"Resigned on Monday and for the first time in 9 months, I don’t have crippling anxiety. Sunday was actually Sunday and it feels good. As worried as I am about finances, nothing beats this peace ♥️.", a lot of people were left inspired by her story hence some congratulated her on taking the right path in life when it comes to choosing her peace over a toxic working environment. 

One of the people who saw her post, also mentioned in their comments that: "This me on the 1st of October. I woke up and just decided i wont go today and telling the truth this has been the greatest weekend ever this year. Lets not to forget wen we pray for jobs, to pray for conducive environments also!". Would you also do this if you had to choose peace? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button.

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