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"We Want Jobs That Do Not Pay Less Than R12 500 For Our People" -Julius Malema


Everyone knows that jobs are created by businesses like farms, hotels, retail, banks, mines, communications, and services. However, to win votes, a lot of politicians have been telling the masses that their priority is to create jobs, which has never happened.

The private sector is good at creating jobs and pushing economic growth. South Africa's fighting chance of economic growth, investment, and job creation have been a failure by far. Instead, the majority of the masses are dependent on social welfare.

During his address at the EFF Freedom Charter Rally, Julius Malema made countless promises to the crowd about what would change if the EFF comes to power.

Amongst the list of his promises, Malema spoke about job creation, saying that people with or without matric must work and get paid no less than R12 500 a month.

He told the crowd that they are not completely free if they are unemployed, and that freedom is jobs, education, and security.

This may have pleased the crowd, but not keyboard warriors who are questioning Malema, wondering how much he pays his domestic worker, gardener, and everyone that works for the EFF like cleaners.

Some say that it would not be logical to pay employees not less than R12 500 a month, and many companies would be liquidated. Others say that Malema must lead by example and be the change that he wants to see.


During every State of The Nation Address, the government promises to implement structural reforms to fight poverty, enable private sector investment, facilitate employment and improve debt management. Instead, nothing has changed.

The government needs good planning and implementation, with political commitment from the highest levels. Whilst China was implementing its National Development Plan, the South African government was not implementing anything, not even the first NDP.

China's plan serves as a guide to action for market entities and an important basis for the government in performing its duties.

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