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Shoprite Managers Become Laughing Stock For Abusing Their Voiding Power

What comes to mind when you see this lady

Ordinary members of the public are basically laughing at this woman who is basically a store manager at Shoprite, and till managers are often given the privilege of knowing the voiding code now most of them tend to abuse this power.

Because many people have been caught up in this kind of situation where they found themselves wanting to void some items from their list, and the cashier had to call this lady. They usually take forever to show up, because they have such a way that they carry themselves or they are busy.

People see their actions as something which is a bit funny because this voiding issue is something even the cashier’s are well aware of, and as you can see they’re basically exhausted from having to call her or wait for her to come and void because she usually takes her time.

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