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'Being a House Wife is a Fulltime Job' Well Done Kenya for Being Progressive on Women Rights Issues

A Kenyan judge this week ruled that a housewife deserves compensation for her work, which is a step in the right direction to validate the work of stay-at-home moms. Still, we have a long way to go before everyone is on board when it comes to recognising the unpaid labour of mothers

Im not against the judgment I know many people who pays monthly salaries to their wives here in South Africa, what I don't understand about this judgement was it passed to a certain individual or it's a law in Kenya and what's the economic conditions in Kenya? I wish someone in that region or anyone who knows can give me a claritySatanic and feminists laws are aiming at destroying the family as a basic socialization structure in Africa. I'm surprised that Africans still can't see anything wrong in these laws, and they find jokes in them. In the near future, our children will be forced to live with one single parent because of such barberic laws. Studies have proved that children who are raised by separated parents are more likely not to succeed in life than those who were raised by both parents

That must happen there in Kenya we don't want in our countries after we paying lobola and buying a wife all her needs, the government is still asking for more buy doing that you're causing more trouble in the World. If that's what women want then we as men we will nolonger get married better to buy s$xworker its much cheaper and save money than a wife because still this thing of supporting a wife, is too much to us as men we don't pay same wages, women needs is too much especially if she don't have a job men must support her, the kids, buying food, school fees, clothes. Please Kenya that law must be there we don't want it here

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