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The Most In Demand Tech Jobs In SA And Experience Needed

The pandemic has fast tracked the transition from brick and mortar operations to doing business digitally. Companies where forced to make use of technological tools in order to keep up with their day to day operations and more people were introduced to the concept of remote work. In this article we are going to share with you a list of career paths that are currently in demand and how to get started.



In simple terms it refers to the selling of goods online. A lot of stores are getting with the times and moving into creating a strong online presence for their businesses. This means they have to comprise of the right team that is going to help them bolster ahead with their plans. Some of the most important positions include:

— Digital marketers

— Social medial managers

— Cybersecurity

— IT specialists

As you can see from the list above, these career paths are for people that have experience in the information technology industry. Companies like Takealot and other Fintech startups are investing a lot of money to employing talented workers that are going to help them materialize their plans.

Salary projections by Market overview

These jobs don't just come with a good title and working space but also a very competitive salaries that can make you live the life of your dreams. According to the report they have revealed that yearly salaries can range from 350k (which translates to 29k a month) to 250k for people that are in managerial positions.

Cloud computing and AI

To facilitate online delivery, managing inventory and collecting user data that will be used to grow the business in the right direction, a business has to invest heavily in artificial intelligence. Just take a look how Amazon grew to become the world's leading online retailer by just collecting data. To get into this industry you must have an IT degree that is backed with the following skills:

— Amazon Web Services (AWS)

— Computer programing

— Azure

— DevOps


Getting into the information technology field is not easy but highly possible. By just using your device you can turn that into a profitable career only when exposed to the right information. Do your own research to see what you might be interested in and take the necessary steps to make sure that you follow your dreams. It's not an easy journey especially due to the funding problems that we are currently facing, but that should not discourage you.

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