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South African Man Loss His 14k Job to a Zimbabwean Cheap Labourer Who Demanded for just 7k

Foreigners frequently deny South Africans chances that were intended for them. This is one of the elements fuelling the movement to return South African immigrants to their home country.

You may recall that South Africans have demanded the repatriation of Zimbabweans due to their role in the plight of their compatriots. The desire grew at the end of the previous year when members of operation Dudula requested the cancellation of the contentious Zimbabwe exemption permit, which was ultimately granted.

Nonetheless, a South African woman disclosed her husband's friendship with a Zimbabwean job-seeker. The South African agreed with his white employer in Johannesburg to be paid R14000 per month; however, things changed when a Zimbabwean who attended the same interview stated that he will be paid R7000 per month to perform the same duties.

Then, the employer gave the South African guy the opportunity to get R7000 per month or risk losing his position. The South African guy was required to decline the position, and it was offered to the Zimbabwean low-wage worker.

This is the situation for a great number of South Africans who are losing their employment possibilities due to interference by Zimbabweans.

Divine's precise tweet reads as follows: "The other day, a friend of my partner travelled to Johannesburg for a job interview. He and the white man agreed on a salary of R14,000, therefore he was accompanied by a Zimbabwean who felt that R7,000 was sufficient. Consequently, he was given the alternative of accepting the $7000 (cheap labour) or losing his job. The Zimbabwean won the position."

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