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Pictures| She Met Her Childhood Friend On The Streets And This Is What She Did

Life is unpredictable and we do not always get what we wish for in life. Although some people believe that education is the key to success, it is not hundred percent true because there are some people who are educated but cannot find employment therefore they end up being part of the economically marginalised group. The people that played in different ways and it is not everyone who become successful in life for some reason. It is a known fact that some people become successful and they still don't help those who are around them therefore there is nothing wrong with that since this person who have worked hard to get whatever they have and they feel like they do not want to share it.

It is not in a place to judge anyone's decision because you do not know what this person went through before they got to their final step. This lady on the pictures above met her childhood friends on the street and he was now addicted to illegal substances, he had no home and she helped him. People are applauding this lady and they are saying that if only everyone could be like this lady, no one would be poor.

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