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Mzansi:Local Barber Suprise Mzansi People See what He Did See Here

In a economy which is like this young people are advised to use their talents so that it can bring the money and help them start their family because even if no job on the market life has to continue and we also need money to help life to continue.

this is one of the talent that must be promoted in our towns and help develop such talent and modernize it so that it fits and reach the people and also help to transfer the skin from one person to another.

The level of unemployment in South Africa is very shocking with position occupied by very old people who don't want to let go and this has affected many people.we still have graduate's who don't have jobs.

if leaders of the community can come together and raise money which will be used to boost such talent in our community and also help in creation of jobs for young people who are capable and who are also willing to work because many people are not working.

Below are comment made by people.

Brother should be looking to build some empire and expand this skill through the black child this amazing.

Bring this barber man here to Sandton n make money.

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