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Julius Malema turns his back on illegal immigrants:Opinion

Many South Africans have shown that they are not happy about what the EFF is doing. South Africa is currently facing a number of challenges and we can not afford to have more people come into the country as they please. The unemployment rate in South Africa is over 70% and in this situation, we can not afford to compete for jobs with illegal immigrants.

These people are literally taking over our country slowly. We know that the leader of the EFF Julius Malema once said that illegal immigrants must find alternatives ways of getting into the country and this was during the time, the borders were closed because of the lockdown. The EFF also said that South Africa should not have borders. It should be a come one come all country, where people can do as they please.

He also promised them free education. It is still a struggle for a South African to easily access free tertiary education, but Malema wants immigrants to have access to it.

On a different turn of events, Julius Malema seems to be now turning his back on illegal immigrants. The very same person who told them to find creative ways of getting in the country is now saying something else. This is what Julius Malema is now saying about immigrants.

"We don't care whether you are a foreigner or not, as long as you have got no papers for this building, you will not own it. We will take it as a municipality, we will re-develop it and give it our people"

It is even a surprise that he refers to them as foreigners rather than African brothers and sisters like he always does. Putting your trust in the EFF is like risking with your life, because the party is always flip-floping. Today they say something and tomorrow they say something totally different. This is EFF for you and we are now used to them. It no longer comes as a surprise when they change their statements.

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