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The Joburg EMS Has Released An Official Statement To The Public.

JOHANNESBURG - Joburg Emergency Services on Thursday said that it had no designs to cancel the quest for Khaya Magadla right around fourteen days since the youngster is said to have fallen into an open sewer vent.

Joburg EMS said that it was investigating all potential roads to find the body of the six-year-old who fell into the opening while at the same time playing with companions in Dlamini, Soweto.

A group of in excess of 30 heros, jumpers, designers and professionals have been met with deferrals and difficulties, the most recent being insight about one more secret sewer vent that should in any case be found.

Twelve days since the quest for Magadla started, weariness has started to set in among the group of heros who are currently nearer to the last and most basic phase of their quest for the missing kid.

EMS representative Robert Mulaudzi said that they had broadened their hunt around the split chamber at the Olifantsvlei Water Treatment Plant, which is the last point in the sewer framework that they accept Magadla's body might have been cleared to.

"We have mentioned our partners from the South African Police administration to clear the entire region where there's reeds, then, at that point, we'll be fulfilled that we've given a valiant effort," Mulaudzi said.

In the mean time, as Magadla's family clutch the desire for finding their child's remaining parts, concerns have been raised over the condition of the kid's body given the drawn out period that he's been caught in the waste-swarmed water.

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