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Instead of Creating Job Opportunities What Did They do ?

2009: we will create jobs

2014: we will create jobs

2016: we will create jobs 

2019: we will create jobs

2021: we will create more jobs


Corruption never made any jobs, it taking jobs away and the potential of any job creation, leading to empty promises which make empty vessel make lot of noise. No country in the world has a Government that created work for its people to that extend of having zero percent rate of unemployment. The government is not the main job creator, yes, but a functional government creates a business and investor-friendly environment, champions growth and makes it easier to create jobs and start businesses. A functional government implements policies, solutions and interventions to stimulate healthy economic growth, which is key to job creation, this is not happening. And still poor black people will vote for ANC regardless of corruption. These people will never stop lying to the citizens

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