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Less privileged Men blast men who does this to their partners

Broke men blast all privilege men who put them under pressure. It is no secret that the unemployment rate is way too high in South Afeica. According to the report, there are more than 2 million workers who have lost their jobs between level two and level five of lockdown, and 82% of people who lost their jobs were men.

With that being said, many less privileged men are not coool with privilege men giving their women flower covered with money like this. In fact, many less privileged men feel emasculsted whenever seeing some men pampering their women so much, they feel the pressure, and feel like failures who can't provide for this they claim they love "This has to stop, y'all putting unnecessary pressure on us" sadly said a less privileged man.

It is all started by the famous Dj, Mulezi gifting his longtime girlfriend with a flour with a bunch of money. Many men have voiced out their concerns about money-flour thing "I can't even afford nik Naks" a broke man cries out. "Xap Xap (Sharp) this won't matter in heaven" said a man who found this so unnecessary.

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