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Minister Thulas Nxesi says companies are still not paying their workers minimum wage

Labour Minister Thulas Nxesi says companies are still not paying their workers minimum wage. This despite mandatory changes and increases over the past year.

Here are comments about what labour Minister Thulas Nxesi said

"Companies have no money, they are forever loadshed,buy diesel to run generators.....and forever by hiring those people and pay them better ureself"

"How must you pay more when companies have more expenses to run electricity to pay workers

Jeez and your own goverment officials no increase‼️‼️Look like double standards"

"Government refused to pay public servants their increase, wat do u expect these companies to do"

"But every month all companies have to submit their UIF contributions. If your staff are doing their work they getting paid for, it can be easily detected and those companies not complying be hold accountable. Don’t make a general comment bring on the facts Minister."

"And any one thought at the rate transport company is closing and soon to follow manufacturing companies with load 4 and 5 and now 6 loadshedding.... They are struggling to just keep the doors open.... The government should step in and startndoing their jobs.... And stop ridevthe driving the cravy ship eith there fancy houses and cars and huge paychecks.. The tax paying citizens are paying and beginning for everything from the business sector you are destroying our economy and then playing the blame game.. Wake up we are fighting against a current resesion heading for a depression... Wake up."

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