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Do these in order to make your dreams to come true// OPINION

Image: Instagram

Sometimes being successful is not about coming from a good background or having good connections but being creative and innovative.

Thinking about your future and you need it to be like is all up to you, choosing the right path and bad path is also up to you.

Below is a South African doctor who left people speechless after posting her picture from 2014 and how she completed her dream.

According to Nobuhle Makhanya," A reminder that dreams do come:

This here is a picture I posted in 2014 when I finished Grade 11 and started having an interest in medicine. I asked my school to write a letter for me to shadow the doctors at Port Shepstone Hospital just so I could make a rational and informed.

She posted a picture of herself showing the public her ambition and the goal that she'd like to achieve. It was her being a doctor after 7 years and here she is a doctor in 2021.

A lot of people were left speechless as less were expecting this to come true because many of them does not believe in written dreams but hard working.

Like mentioned before, working hard through what you would like to achieve is very much important and it increases your chances of being what you have always wanted to be in life.

Its start today, the dau you set your goals and you work very hard and determined to achieve your goal.

A lot of people miss their goals because of peer pressure, following what your friends are doing is not a good idea. Do your own things that you think will provide a better results tomorrow. You don't just wake up having cars or a beautiful house but you work in order to earn it.

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