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Less Jobs For Black Women Yet Women Are the Most Voters | Statistics Prove

(Picture source: Constitution Net).

South African statistics prove that women are the most voters as yet they are the most disadvantaged when it comes to employment. In South Africa, more men are employed than women. Regardless of the fact that more women than men put our government to power by registering to vote and voting, women are not favoured in our country when it comes to job opportunities especially black women.

(Picture source: Sowetan Live).

South African statistics prove that amongst women of all racial groups, black women are the most disadvantaged in terms of work. More black women are unemployed compared to women in other racial groups.

In the second quarter of 2021 a percentage of 41.0% black women were unemployed compared to colored women who had an unemployment percentage of 29.9%; Indian/ Asian women with an unemployment percentage of 22.4% and white women with only 8.2% of unemployment.

Overall men are more favourable when it comes to employment in South Africa but they are the last when it come to voting.

The voter registration statistics prove that more women than men registered to vote this year. In all age groups, women are leading with registering to vote. Overall 55.18% of the people registered to vote this year are women and the remaining 44.82% are men and this proven by statistics South Africa.

This shows that women vote our government to power but the South African labour market does little to no justice for women with the unemployment rate of women being as high.

If you ask me, the government should give women a little more opportunities as women give the government more support and more votes. The government is not supposed to forget the people who voted them into power.

If the government thinks of this as; men are the providers and that they provide for their families, what about single mothers and all single women, who provide for them?

There should be a system to consider the less advantaged groups first when there are more job opportunities; maybe then women and black women in particular would get more employment opportunities.

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