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Company Supplying KFC In Mahikeng Intends To Leave, 2000 Jobs May Be Lost

A company that supplies KFC with chicken in Mahikeng - Country Bird Holdings Limited has reported that they are planning on jumping ship and leaving the province due to poor service delivery. This comes after there has also been reports that the popular dairy factor - Clover is also also planning on relocating from the North West province citing similar reasons as the Country Bird Holdings.


According to the report, over 2000 jobs may be lost should they go ahead to implement this decision. The Deputy minister of Cogta Obed Baphela is expected to negotiate a deal and convince them otherwise, until then we are left in the dark about the developments of this big move.


In a country that is faced by a skyrocketing unemployment rate, this is bad news for our economy and the people that are going to left in destitute without their jobs. This means that more people will be left without any means to support their families and keep up with the high cost of living. Just in July, Eskom hiked the electricity prices by over 14% and the cost for food has also been on the rise ever since the pandemic hit our shores. This gives you more reasons on why you should not vote for the ANC. Their governance in this country has been a shameful one that is filled with a lot of corruption and greed.

People shared the sentiments about these news especially on Twitter. We have decided to share the ones which stands out for us and made very worthy statements concerning this issue.

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