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South Africans are fighting back against Foreigners who are taking their jobs. Here are the details.

South Africa has a high unemployment rate and many people living in poverty. Despite this issue being serious, it gets even worse when we realize that many illegal foreigners come across our borders and take job opportunities from our own citizens. This is because they are hired illegally and work for less money. However one area didn't take this sitting down, and they fought back against foreigners takin jobs that should be meant for South Africans. All the details are down below.

They have closed down a store :

Residents of Diepkloof in Soweto have taken action against a KFC thats allegedly been hiring foreign Nationals. According to reports, residents have closed down the store and if we look at the image above that seems to be accurate. South Africans online of course had a lot to say about this situation, here are some of their comments.

As we can see there is a lot of praise for the action these South Africans are taken and they seen to be getting a lot of support from the online community.

While the praise continues here, one person confirms that they will not vote ANC in the upcoming elections. Blaming the foreigner problem on them.

A few commentors are asking for more action to be taken in other places of the Country.

The truth about this situation is very simple. In a Country with so much unemployment, South Africans deserve to be the first priority. Many business owners hire illegal foreigners because they are cheap and they don't have to pay taxes or benefits for them. However this is a crime and they should be stopped. Personally I would like to also thank these citizens for the work they are doing to stop this form of crime. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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