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If You Lost Your Job Because You Refused To Vaccinate, You Need To See This.

If You Lost Your Job Because You Refused To Vaccinate, You Need To See This. 

The outbreak of Covid-19 took the world by a storm. Countries went on lockdown as they tried to control infections and when vaccines were finally available others were forced to vaccinate as their companies wanted mandatory vaccinations. 

While others vaccinated so that they could keep their jobs, others refused and were dismissed for not wanting to vaccinate. Mandatory vaccinations were one of the controversial topics of South Africans as they felt it was not right. 

There is good news for those who were dismissed for nor wanting to vaccinate as it has been announced that the CCMA found the mandatory vaccines unlawful and those who lost their jobs should be awarded maximum compensation. See the documents below as someone said " The tide has turned, CCMA finds that mandatory vaccination now unlawful and awards maximum compensation for an employee dismissed for refusing to vaccinate". 

Mandatory vaccinations should have never been a thing from the get go. People refused to vaccinate for different reasons and they should have never been forced to do so. After all, everyone has a right to chose what they want to do with their body and mandatory vaccines violated this right. If you know of someone that was dismissed for not vaccinating then be sure to share this with them. 

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