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In disbelief |This is how much petrol attendants earn per month and per petrol station.

If you have a car or travel often you might have encountered people called petrol attendants. A petrol attendant is a person who is employed by a petrol station to refuel motor vehicles at a petrol station. Petrol stations across the country have provided employment for thousands of individuals in the country. With every type of job comes with challenges and petrol attendants are not excluded in the list. From difficult customers to long hours of work and sometimes working on public holidays this job is harder than it looks.

In this article we will look at how much Petrol attendants earn per month. Is too little or too much? Well let's dive into it.

According to 81 salaries reported on the 3rd of January 2022, petrol attendants earn on average R4 541 per month.

Check out how much each petrol station pays monthly on average down below for their petrol attendants.

In my opinion this amount is too little? Petrol stations make a lot of money and they could do better with the salaries.

What are you thoughts on this? Is it enough? Comment down below.


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