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7 signs you have a spirit of failure

 Life is like a journey and everyone strives to take steps that will guarantee progress and enable them to live full lives. gives a person courage to move on and overcome other great obstacles; However, some people find it difficult to make positive progress in life, the spirit of failure haunts them assuring them that with life they will never win .. Efforts seem in vain and in vain. You can determine if a person has the spirit of failure in their life by observing the following: 

 1. Patterns of Failure 

 A repetitive cycle of mistakes in various aspects of life could be a sign that this spirit is in the life of one People look like a person. Although they try their best to achieve certain tasks and goals, they are never successful. You can even try different approaches, but they never pay off. 


 2. Close Success Syndrome 




 This is the situation where someone is almost successful and suddenly something happens and they are prevented from achieving their goal. The result of this is always mistaken, despite the implemented investment. They can also be treated the same way, which leads to them calling themselves failures. 


 4. Missed Goals 


 You may have set your goals for the year or the day, but none of them was achieved. When you have a lot of failed goals, the spirit of failure will likely prevail in your life. 


 5. Plans Always Fail 




 No matter how well you set your plans and strategies, those plans always fail. You may have planned to do something, but an emergency occurs that prevents you from going ahead with your plans. Additionally, you can get distracted by other minor things that make you abandon your plans. 

 6. Your Colleagues Are Failures Too 

 If most of the people you spend time with have failed in many other areas of life, the same spirit could be at work in your life. This is the work of familiar spirits who tend to have a similar influence on your life, so you will fail all the time. 


 7. Fear lives in you 


 Fear can hinder progress. Fear can get you stuck and ultimately fail at what you have been looking for. This is because fear makes you feel inadequate and incomplete. You will have a negative mindset that inhibits your ability to succeed.

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