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“They Are Real Hustlers”- Mzanzi React After This Young Men Were Spotted Doing this


One of our most significant challenges is the high rate of unemployment in our country. At 35.9 percent in the fourth quarter of 2021, the official unemployment rate was recorded. Qualified labor force participation (QLFS) figures for the third quarter of 2021 show that the total number of employed individuals declined by 660 000, bringing the total number of employed individuals to 14.3 million, according to QLFS results. 

Despite all of these rising numbers, people are attempting to generate jobs in every way they can because they believe the government is failing them. People are starting little companies all over the place, from street corners to taxi ranks, in order to make a living. In townships, one of the most dominant enterprises is the transportation of people's groceries in a shopping cart. 

Heavy rains and flooding have been reported across the country in recent weeks, as we are all well aware. 

In the Kwamashu commercial center, a group of entrepreneurial trolley riders launched a business that garnered widespread attention. Because the shopping center is located in a low-slope location, people find it difficult to move after heavy rains because of the water that has become plastered on the surface of the ground. As a result, these young guys began using cold drink boxes to assist people crossing the street for a fee of R20 each time. Visit the following link to see a video of how they do it.

What you've written here is quite inspiring. Contrary to those who sit on the streets, hoping for a miracle to happen, it is encouraging to see young people being thus inventive and imaginative. However, there are many young people who are drowning their unemployment anxieties in booze and other substances, but these unsung heroes are working tirelessly to create a life. After this video was shared on social media, it garnered a great deal of attention. As a result of witnessing their determination to make a difference in their life, some even contacted youth development groups to assist these young guys with skill development and career prospects. Some of the remarks can be found in the following section: 



South Africa needs more people like these: people who aren't content to sit back and complain about how the government is failing the people of their country. Unless you help yourself, the government will not be able to assist you. Put your degrees and qualifications aside and get your hands dirty in the world of business! Several generations of young people have developed the belief that they are incapable of performing manual labor since they have received an education. No one can make a living off of education alone. Remove yourself from your anxieties and get on with your work. These young men have a great deal of imagination and originality.


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