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OPINION| Politicians and Campaigners Are Promising Jobs as If Local Government is a Factory

There are a few things that are bothersome when listening to LGE campaign promises by politicians, politicians or campaigners are promising jobs as if Local Government is a factory, an engineering or construction company or even a College for that matter. Local Government is merely a service center for the delivery of services to communities and an enabler for various companies, to create those jobs for the affected communities. For instance, Local government can provide an efficient public transport system that ensures that workers get to work on time and seamlessly! There is, therefore, a limit to the jobs Local Government can provide communities. The jobs in Local Government are mainly, collection of revenue, (rates and taxes) provision services and maintenance of infrastructureTo say Local Government will abolish the "tender system" is also another populist fallacy. The problem is NOT the tender system per sè. It is the corrupt manipulation of the system that is a problem, sadly. The corrupt relationship between the consultants and the Local Government officials is where the problem begins. It is usually referred to as the relationship between "the corrupter and the corrupteeIt appears, the officials, in collusion with the consultants manipulate and adjust costs for of projects for the benefit of themselves and their political masters. It is the case of the consultants sacrificing their professional credibility for some short-term benefits, which are huge, by the way, at the cost of the taxpayers. To deal with this anomaly, it is perhaps prudent to start looking at "second opinions" with respect to costing of public projects. Unfortunately, the professionals who do work on behalf of government, and collude with officials for corrupt benefit, have declared themselves untrustworthy! They have brought the good names of their various professions into disreputeThe notion of abolishing the tender system, I'm afraid, will deliver a worse off product than corruption has thus far! Local Government, as an institution, doesn't have the capability nor capacity to build a bridge or build roads for instance. Even if you were to create such capacity, what happens to it in times when such capacity is not needed at a particular point and time? A waste of taxpayers money! But Local Government could and must maintain those services and infrastructure once they are built!

It is important for us who regard ourselves as social activists to start confronting issues that are paddled by politicians, merely to gunner support on the basis falsehoods. It is our responsibility to educate and enlighten the ignorant, gullible and vulnerable communities

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