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Here's An Important Message To Everyone Who Works In South Africa.

According to Dr Mark Bussin, an executive committee member at The South African Reward Association (SARA), work is not a ‘place’ anymore for around half the jobs in South Africa. He is saying this because Some jobs are very flexible and people can work from anywhere, their jobs that do not necessarily need people to be physically there. Meaning they can actually work from home, but do the same amount of work that they were going to do in the office or even more.

Bussin said most people do not need to go anywhere and can work from anywhere, this comes after the COVID-19 fallout. So here, he is trying to suggest ways in which people can avoid the spread of the virus. The government then South African companies are trying their best to suffocate the spread of the virus, so this needs people to work together and employers to be aware of the workers that need to be in the office/workplace.

Dr Bussin stated that most jobs require people to go to a place to carry out work – including physiotherapists and dentists – however, most people can sit anywhere and work. He says companies should at least make a roaster, where people will go two to three days a week and the rest of the times...they just do their duties from home. 

This will is the spread of the virus and reduce the number of people at a specific area, we all know very well that there shouldn't be a lot of people gathering in one area especially if it's indoors. Such places other ones where people contract the virus easily, so if they can be will make things better and in no time we might be not having this virus anymore. The quicker people adapt to the changes, the better for everyone.

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