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Unemployment Rate is Too High Not Because There Are no Jobs, But It's Because Some People Are Lazy

South Africa has the highest unemployment rate in the world and the country’s youth unemployment crisis at 74.8% for those aged between 15 and 24 is deemed a “catastrophe ~ NEWS24


They can't even pay their staff, ANC corruption is disgusting and they should be tried for crimes against humanity and locked up, the only thing standing between a black man and freedom is the ANC cancer. Thanks to our esteemed brethren at the ANC, the most incompetent politicians we have ever seen. I must say it great to actually start seeing the fall of the ANC, I just hope it’s not too little to late. SA we need to rid of the cancer party in power. It’s time for a changing of the guardWhat we want to know is, how many registered companies are currently operating, how many people are there working for each company, how many are south african citizens. I think south africa have more than 10 million jobs, but more 50% percent employed are non south african, one brother come to south africa, get a job and go back home and bring his 4 brother and they get jobs, it's very shocking

Self-employement is the only solution our government has failed us there's nothing we can do even if we can vote for another party, the fact remains you can't change a black thing just give them a mirror they'll show you true colours. We can't blame Apartheid for this but the current ruling party, they enriched themselves at the expense of RSA citizens, nothing is working under this government aand we still expect this youth to behaveIf there is no law and order and no accountability, there are no jobs, that’s what I think we need to understand. The ANC is not only to blame but It takes a nation. Why does the ANC give grants to girls when they have kids. It’s created lots of unemployed illiterate youth that can only resort to crime, crime equals less jobs. Add a really strict work environment for employers and we are all unemployed due to many factors 

Take out this old pensioners who work in government as early retirement all even teachers and police officers, scrap them out lot of youths have qualification higher than them they start to work as early in those position, why we waste time for new generations when are they going to be independent in this earth our time is due we need to accept 

The reason the unemployment rate in SA is so high is not because there are no jobs but because some people are too lazy to get off their seats and go out and look for work, they will sit in their houses and moan and groan about being unemployed, but will make no means of going out and finding a job, they expect the job to come knock on their door and find them, I am on a lot of job vacancy sites and people will post vacancies on there with a contact number or email address, and then you get majority of the people leaving their own cell numbers or email addresses for the the person to contact them, no man thats not how it works, you need the job so you phone or email for it not the other way around

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