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Sad| This young Man Is An LLB Graduate but He’s busy Begging In The Streets At Thohoyandou


The issue of unemployment continues to be the biggest problem in South Africa. To make it worse, the Corona virus led to many job losses. There are so many people who are educated and still have jobs. Those who live in Gauteng can attest to the fact that there are many highly educated people on the streets looking for work, but without success.


 (Illustrative photo of unemployed graduates)

Although the government is trying by all means to reduce the unemployment rate, it keeps on rising every year. The minister of social development has been encouraging people to start their own businesses and stop waiting for someone to create employment as the situation is very bad. But then even starting a business needs money, which people do not have. Being unemployed is one of the most painful experiences. Many people are being subjected to many bad things due to the high level of employment and job scarcity. Many people try to drown their sorrows and pain in alcohol and substance abuse.


When you see a group of guys sitting in the local spazas and taxi ranks, don’t judge them because you don’t know the story behind their struggle. There are people who are well educated and still unemployed. Although some haven’t lost hope, there are some who have given up completely.



Nothing is killing like going to tertiary, graduating, being unemployed and ending up begging those you raised who are now police, traffic officers, correctional servants, paramedics, general mine workers, artists, etc., just to buy bread. You just feel defeated with your degree.


Many people were shocked after discovering that a guy who is well known for begging at Thohoyandou is actually a law degree holder. See his pictures below:




These photos were shared yesterday by a well-known blogger on Facebook known as "Blessing Ramoba", asking for those who could help him financially so that he could go to rehab. Those who reside around Venda know him. He’s always lingering around Thohoyandou, Sibasa, and Makhado, begging for food or money. Many people showed their sympathy towards him, but some criticised him, saying that there are so many unemployed people out there, but choosing alcohol and drugs is not a solution. See some of the comments below:




What are your thoughts on this? Do you think there’s still hope that he can recover and be a better person?? Leave your comments below.

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