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Lady Shares Her Unique Hair Style On Facebook In Form Of Advertisement

Date : 06 December 2021

We are living in a time where jobs are very scarce. Nowadays getting a job is considered to be luck because many people are unemployed in our country and it gets depressing to wake up every day to do nothing just to be sitting and sleeping at the house. In South Africa we have millions of graduates who are unemployed and that is really painful. Imagine how painful it is to go to school for years and struggle to get employed. That is why it is advisable to the masses to start their own businesses so that they can get atleast some income in order to survive while they are busy applying for jobs.

Trinity Queen Kuga Segobyane is one the people who are self employed and she specializes on braiding people their hair including styling. She is a self taught hair stylist. She uploaded a picture on Facebook revealing to masses the kind of hair that she does. She posted a hairstyle and captioned " R400 will get you beautiful style". The hairstyle posted looked like straight up decorated and styled in a very strange way that left people speechless and shocked. What made them to be more confused is the price of the hairstyle. They say R400 is not worth the hairstyle that she wants people to do.

There is absolutely no one who can be pleased with such a hairstyle that also looks so hard to maintain. Imagine paying R400 for such a hairstyle. Hundreds of people commented on her post revealing that they wouldn't even try to pay for that R400 because it looks so unclean and unpleasant.They would rather spend the money on something else because that R400 is too much for this hairstyle as it so unpleasant . What is your take on this matter?

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Kuga Segobyane South Africa


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