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Good News| Home Affairs Is Hiring 10,000 Unemployed Graduates, Here’s The Salary

Home Affairs is HIREING 10,000 unemployed college graduates. HERE'S how much they'll get paid. 

Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi, who is in charge of Home Affairs, said that his department is looking to hire as many as 10,000 unemployed graduates. 

People say that the department is full of more than 350 million paper records of births, marriages, deaths, and changes that go all the way back to 1895! 

Because there are no digital copies of these records, South African applicants have to wait longer than they would like. 

Motsoaledi said at a press conference on Thursday, "South Africans often complain bitterly about the delays they face when they apply for full birth certificates, full marriage certificates, changes to their biographical information, and corrections." 

"This is because, to finish all of these applications, people from Home Affairs have to look through these 350 million manual records by hand to find the original documents. People might not realize it, but such a tedious process will take a long time. This makes people angry because they have to go to Home Affairs more than once. 

To fix the problem, the department has promised to hire 10,000 unemployed college graduates who will be in charge of turning these paper documents into digital files. 

These graduates should have a degree in Information Technology, specifically in managing documents, information, and records. They should have gotten this degree from a college or university.

The hiring process will be done in stages. 

In Phase 1, the first group of 2,000 unemployed young graduates will be hired. 

The ads for this phase can be seen starting TODAY, August 12, 2022. The first day of work for this group will be November 1, 2022. 

In Phase 2, 4000 young graduates who are out of work will be hired again. For this phase, the ads will be put up in October 2022. This group of people will start working in January 2023. 

In Phase 3, 4000 young graduates who are unemployed will be hired for the last time. For this phase, the ads will run from December 2022 to January 2023. This group will start doing their jobs in April 2023. 

Motsoaledi confirmed that the project would last until October 2025. 

"This is the month of women, and we want to honor the heroes of the 1956 march to the Union Buildings by saying that 60% of the new students will be young women and only 40% will be young men," Motsoaledi said. 

How much will you be paid? 

Graduates who get jobs will get a stipend that ranges from R5,000 for entry-level jobs to R9,500 for technical support jobs to R14,250 for manager jobs. 

On the DHA and DEL websites, people who are interested can sign up and apply online. Those who don't have access to the internet can go to the Department of Employment and Labour's nearest Labor Centre.

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