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An LLB graduate who is now a beggar and a drug addict.

The gentleman you see on the pictures is an LLB graduate . He is now lingering and begging in Limpopo , Thoyandou , Makhado , Vhembe district.

I am certain that we are all wondering about how an LLB graduate end up on the streets and be a beggar.

LLB is ranked as one of the best career paths one can consider. One of its advantages is that amongst many others, being able to earn good salary , secure living .

It didn't turn out well for this man right there. What could be the problem? Is it hard to find employment in the course? . Imagine the sleepless nights, exam pressure and not forgetting the years it took him to complete his studies only to end up on the streets.

Many people on the comment section said that this can be the result of whicraft , people don't want to see other people succeed and others said that maybe it was hard for him to get employment and he found comfort in drugs.

" His peers are working as security guards, petrol attendants, bus and taxi drivers . So because he alone has an LLB he made it his only leg to stand on . I have no remorse for such people who resolute to drugs when their only foot breaks down." Thabo commented.

Unemployment in South Africa is a pandemic itself, there are many graduate whom are sitting at home with their qualifications . Others end up depressed and hopeless. I guess it's high time that graduates stop feeling sorry for themselves and get out there and hustle. We were made to believe that once we have those degrees/ diplomas everything will fall into place, but no that's not how it is. It is tough out there sometimes one must even put that qualification aside and hustle like a dropout. Feeling sorry for yourself won't help you, but instead makes you feel more useless .

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LLB Makhado Thoyandou Vhembe


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