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Employees Emergency Income-Fund, It's Needed In The Time Of Need

There's a need of income assistance for workers who, their employment are affected by either natural disasters, violence unrest(destroy of infrastructure OR legitimate-strike. This sort of Fund shouldn't be a surplus fund but — an Emergency Income Fund.



Numsa employees return to work by Monday, after Unions &Emplyer Associations, in the steel& engineering deadlocked on the 05/Oct. The effects of a strike impacts adversely to BOTH employee-employer, evenly. Nonetheless other people assume businesses don't suffer as workers — since they got (lot) money.

Source/ > (Numsa Workers Will Return To Work By Monday)


Generally most businesses are covered by insurance for in times when — there's a business stoppage from natural disasters, violence-unrest OR even legitimate strike. Although the insurance-cover it's about business it doesn't cover workers who actually making the business to happen. The employer-emploee-relation ought to be mutual — one hand helps another

Workers Emergency Income-Fund:

This kind of fund mustn't confused with UIF or any existing employee related fund — it should be the workers stand alone unique-fund, with it's primarily purpose to kicks-in, in time of need. Covid-19, July violence-unrest, natural disasters OR legitimate strike — these sorts of events should be financially well covered for the workers. Since employees lost income during these unfortunate occurrences, meanwhile, the businesses are well covered.(illustration images of Natural isasters, that may contribute to lost of workers' income)


As UIF and other employee's contribute- deduction, the new fund should be funded in the similar way. Because it should be noted that the major victim of any labour disruption —wheter via natural disasters, violence-unrest OR even legitimate-strike, employees suffered the most. And as a results they're bound to be found wanting, through the duration of the disaster. In other words so long the destruction of the day to day business persists, so the workers' income lost. Meanwhile, businesses' severity it's insured covered.

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