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"A white supervisor takes home R53k while a black supervisor gets R17k." - Man is angry

In South Africa, the gap between the wages of black and white workers is large. As a general rule, whites earn more money than blacks each month. The salary stub of a white man, age 34, startled @zwai ndimba. Comparatively, the black man who has worked for the company for the same amount of time earns R17k a month. Some folks were really put off by this. They are demanding action on the part of the administration. They demand an end to racial wage discrimination. 

"The white population of this country is paid exceptionally well. A random payroll sheet from an engineering firm that one of my hacking pals obtained revealed that a white supervisor at that firm made R53k per year. He pays R17k to a black supervisor who is years ahead of him in the company's ranks. Instinctively, I want to tell you their name." The guy was tweeting. 

"An old supervisor of mine used to say it to a former intern who had just been hired full-time. My supervisor told her that she doesn't need an increase because her children can get by on weetbix and water. Even now, years later, I still hold a deep animosity towards that guy." I quote @MoloiCindy: 

"You will never stop griping unless you build your own successful businesses. White people tend to look out for one another. Black people don't protect their own, but they expect other people of color to do it." tweets @RekindleSithole. 

Source: ndimba/status/1557381830378143744?t=jlGe-IOT71178fFfKxnoNg&s=19

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