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Bad News|| For Unvaccinated Workers, This Might Happen To Them.

The country has taken things a bit far to separate vaccinated people and the unvaccinated.As known, unvaccinated people will be restricted from certain places and won't be allowed for not having the vaccination certificate.But things are now bad for unvaccinated workers as employers can now fire them.Eventually workers are now forced to take the vaccine so they can secure their employement.

Employers now have the power to can terminate the unvaccinated staff and nothing will be done to them.This will cause many people that are against taking the jab to lose their jobs or get the jab to keep their jobs safe.

Apparently this has turned very bad to workers that are against the vaccination and now they will be having no option but to take the jab.At first, the government announced that the vaccine is for everyone but no one will be forced to take the jab.Now people will be separated from the vaccinated and unvaccinated, which the vaccinated will have more benefits than those who did not take the vaccine.

South Africans that have not yet vaccinated have received the bad news and they are not pleased.

People will be losing their jobs since they are not vaccinated and now only people who are vaccinated are allowed to do anything.Nothing will be restricted to them since they will be having all rights to move freely.But what really hurts is that unvaccinated workers will be at risk of losing their jobs for not taking the vaccine.Employers have the power to can terminate the employment of the unvaccinated staff.

This will cause every employee to finally take the jab so they can keep their job safe and not be part of the unemployed millions.

Do you what employers may be able to do to non-vaccinated employees fair enough? Is it a good or bad thing to terminate the employment of unvaccinated staff? Share views below!!!

Source: Mzansi Live

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Bad News|| South Africans


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