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Good Job SAPS|| Look what they did in KZN? See pictures.

A drug lab was found in northern KwaZulu-Natal, and the police are looking for the people who set it up.

KZN Safety Department.

On Thursday, police officers rushed into the building in Ngudwini.

It was said to have had tools and drugs worth millions of Rands.

Jay Naicker, a spokesman for the provincial police, says that the machines were still running, but the thieves had already left the property.

"A lot of things that might be used to make drugs, like raw materials and tablets that might be mandrax, were found at the scene."

Packing materials, two electric grinding machines, a drying oven, an electric compressing machine, a truck with a secret compartment, and other tools were also found.

"The Hawks will take over the investigation, and we hope that the people who did this will be caught soon."

This shows us for sure that crime will never stop in South Africa as long as people see it as a way to make money. This is sad because the police found a place where drugs that are killing people in the community are made. This whole thing needs to end because you can't always cry about things that need to stop.

It has been said that most drug dealers in the country work with the police. SAPS needs to make sure that they don't take bribes because whatever they're doing could ruin everything for them. We don't even know where to run because people are selling drugs everywhere we go.

People say there that all drug dealers in the country need to be found out so they can be arrested. People have used it as a target because they know that drugs make more money. Sometimes, we need to think before we do something, because we might end up in a dangerous situation we didn't expect.

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