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A Young Lady Posted Her Photo Advertising Her Business But People Noticed Something else.


It is so motivating to see that there are people who haven’t lost hope in looking for a greener pasture, even if they didn’t do well at school. We are living in a society where if you stand back and wait for someone or the government to provide you with employment, you’ll be stuck there forever, because nowadays, getting a job is so hard. Going out there and hustling for your future is not a guarantee that you will have a professional job. Put your degree aside and go fight for your future in the streets.



Everybody knows "Bongie wa achar". A young lady well-known for selling achar.She’s making a good living out of selling achar in the streets and on social media. She put her degree aside and is doing what’s best for her future. That’s motivation enough. Leave your degree aside and go hustle. Recently, she posted a photo advertising her business, but mzanzi noticed something else. They noticed that the guy in the background is looking at her in a disturbing way. See the photo below:


We are living in a terrible world where people get kidnapped in broad daylight. Wherever you are these days, you must always be on the lookout because our streets are no longer safe. Especially for people who are into business in the streets, their lives are always a target as criminals are always targeting them. However, it might be that the man wasn’t looking at her or it was a coincidence.


However, her business seems to be booming as people always place orders on her tweets. This should be a motivation for other people out there, too. Dreams are not only made out of education but also hard work.

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