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SA Labour Law facts: Minimum salary, working on Sundays/Holidays, overtime & maximum working hours

The maximum weekly working time for employees earning less than R205 433.30 is 45 hours per week, according to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

For those who work fewer than five days a week, this amounts to a maximum of nine hours per day; for those who work more than five days a week, it amounts to eight hours per day.


Experts claim that because meal breaks are unpaid, employees can do other things during them, such as reading or shopping, because they are not included in the computation of working hours.

A week's worth of overtime is limited by law to ten hours per section 10 exception. This does not apply to employees who make more than the aforementioned level.


It is illegal for anyone who falls under this group to request overtime pay or paid time off.

However, Erasmus argues that you have the right to bargain.

Talk to your employer about how many hours of regular work and overtime you'll be expected to put in.

Afterwards, the parties must come to an agreement on the compensation for overtime performed. It's possible that this compensation is less than the bare minimum set forth in the Act."

Working on a Sunday is a bad idea

On Sundays, you must be paid twice as much for each hour you work than you normally would. To avoid this, you must work at least one-and-a-half times as many hours on Sundays as you normally would.


As Du Toit points out, if an employee is required to work on a holiday that they wouldn't typically observe, they must be compensated at least at his day rate of pay plus his customary hourly rate of pay.

In the event that you aren't capable of working overtime, you should consider finding another job.

As a matter of law, you have the right to refuse to work more than 45 hours a week and refuse to work more than 10 hours of overtime per week.

It's possible that an employee may not have the option of turning down an emergency overtime request, according to experts.,2x%20normal%20rate%20for%20Sundays%20and%20public%20holidays.

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