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The Executive Mayor of Emalahleni encourages women to work in the mainstream economy

As the nation marks Women's Day, Emalahleni Executive Mayor Conny Nkalitshana has asked women to organize themselves to work in sectors of the mainstream economy including mining, energy, and construction. Gender equality and gender parity should be the norm in all fields of work, according to Nkalisthana. Nkalitshana is concerned that the proportion of women working in industries with a male predominance would continue to be relatively low.

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She claims that encouraging more engagement from women is crucial as the nation observes Women's Day. "We encourage our young women and middle-aged women to participate actively and ensure that they take their place. There is nothing that would deter women from participating in any position; women are equally entitled to opportunities as men are, and as women in leadership, we have to prove ourselves to the world by working three times as hard as men do. I'm saying if we have done it, other women can do it too."

Project Dignity, a KwaZulu-Natal-based NGO that promotes sanitary pad availability, claims that the lack of sanitary pads for disadvantaged girls in South Africa affects their ability to learn. According to the founder, Sue Barnes, this may have a yearly influence of up to 25% on a girl's attendance at school. According to Barnes, insufficient sanitary facilities are another issue.

"In SA, female poverty is a serious issue. When you consider how much a cab journey costs to get to a store to buy pads, you may estimate that 7 million girls in South Africa, or females between the ages of 13 and 19, do not have access to sanitary pads because they cannot afford to buy them or because they cannot travel to the store. It is a major issue that they cannot afford and that prevents them from attending school while they are menstruating since they lack pads.


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