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The business tycoon gets the highest qualification

Shauwn Mkhize, a KZN millionaire and businessman also known as Mam`Mkhize, recently shared a photo of herself with her sister at the graduation ceremony. Sean stated in her post that she and her sister are now doctors, so the two graduated as clearly qualified doctors. 

 It's unclear which college you graduated from, whether you graduated from college or got an honorary doctorate, but today both are graduated. 

 I wore a red robe worn by a postdoc student, as shown in the picture above. This is the highest level of qualification, as a PhD or PhD must be called a doctor without actually having a degree in medicine. 

 But given Sean Mukize's intelligence, I wouldn't be surprised if she actually went to graduate school. But getting this degree may not have been easy for her, especially since she is a busy and busy woman.

The woman has proven she's a woman of many talents

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