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Lesiba Mothupi a young South African millionaire reveals how he became millionaire.

A young man who dropped out of University at the age of 19 to follow his passion is now a millionaire. in life, you have to learn to focus on what you tru look truly passionate about. then to follow what is more popular in society.

Lesiba mothupi is one of the youngest millionaires in South Africa .he is currently 23 and started trading 3 years back after he dropped out of University.

Lesiba comes from a good family where his father is working in the military and his mother being a qualified teacher. he did not see any reason to further his studies since he wanted to put more effort into his trading to make it a full job .his first investment was 1500 that he worked it up and manage to make 10 000 every month. this also gave him more strength to work more on forex and learn more tricks to avoid more loss.

Lesiba went from getting 10 000 a month to making hundreds of thousands a month. still, he is a very humble and calm guy even when he's a millionaire. he hired 300 employees who focus on trading. indeed passion and patient will lead you to succeed in life.

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