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New level 2 lockdown rules

It was so tough for South African since March 2020, as most of the things were closed and banned, things like alcohol and cigarettes sales.

The President of South Africa Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa has addressed the nation on Saturday night 15th of August 2020, according to President South Africa is now moving to lockdown level 2, this means lot of things are going to open and the level 2 will start on Monday 17th of August 2020.

Some of the things that are going to operate during lockdown level 2 includes sales of alcohol and cigarettes, but alcohol will be sold from Monday to Thursday, trading time will also change it will be from 9h00am to 17h00pm.

Any liquor store that will be found selling alcohol after the mentioned trading time and the above days, they will we charged and their liquor licence will be suspended for specific period, as they will be crossing the level 2 lockdown regulations.

All the tarvens are not allowed to let their customers to drink at their premises, they are only allowed to buy take aways, and the restaurant that are licenced to sell alcohol are now allowed to sell alcohol but there's rules that need to be followed.

Another good news to people who do body exercise, on level 2 gyms and fitness are now permitted to operate meaning they are also going to open with strict health and safety protocols. Most of the people were already started to get worried as some of the people gym with an instructor and during lockdown they were on their own but now is over.

Inter Provincial travel is going to open, meaning you no longer need permits to travel to another province, and you can even travel for vacations as hotels and lodge are also going to open but the must be safety protocols and they are allowed to have 50% of people in the Accomodation.

While we still on travelling the good news is that the beaches are also going to open, even the nature reserves and parks will be opened but for outdoors activities, meaning people will now be able to take their family out, they deserve an outing it was difficult time the past few month a fresh outing air is needed.

To all the people who loves sports the good news is that it will be allowed on level 2 but no spectators, you will only be able to watch it on televisions for now.

Even though some of the things are going to open, the President also addressed that the national state of disaster will be extended again to the 15th of September 2020, meaning South Africa will still be under state of disaster on level 2. As for gathering the numbers of people are still limited to 50 people only if you exceed 50 people you will br charged, this also includes funerals attendance.

The number of people in the restaurants, public place and cinemas will still remain limited even the retail stores, and last the international travel will still not be allowed.

Let us try to follow the lockdown regulations as corona is still there and always protect our self and wear face musk always when you go out.

With the above new level 2 regulations whats your views? Comment on the comment box below and share your views and also Follow us to keep more updated with latest news.

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